We have designed a seamless and straightforward application process to ensure that participants can easily apply and join our exciting events. If you are interested in participating and experiencing the thrill of our races, here’s a step-by-step guide on how the application process works:

Check the entry criteria before submitting your application.
Check the entry criteria before submitting your application.

Step 1: Visit our Website

The first step is to visit our website, where you will find all the necessary information about our upcoming events. Take your time to explore the different races we offer and choose the one that excites you the most.

Step 2: Fill out the Application Form

Once you have selected the race you wish to participate in, navigate to the specific race page and locate the application form. Fill out the required fields accurately and provide all the requested information. We highly recommend double-checking your details to ensure everything is correct.

Step 3: Submit the Application

After completing the application form, click on the submit button to send your application to our team. Rest assured that our system will notify you once your application has been successfully received.

Step 4: Application Review

Once we receive your application, our dedicated team will carefully review it to ensure that all the necessary information has been provided. We strive to process applications promptly, and you can expect to receive a response from us within a reasonable timeframe.

Step 5: Approval and Confirmation

If your application meets our entry criteria, you will receive an approval notification via email. This confirmation will include all the essential details you need to know, such as the event date, location, and any additional requirements. Congratulations, you’re one step closer to an incredible riding experience!

Step 6: Payment

To secure your spot in the race, you will need to make the necessary payment as outlined in the approval email. Our payment process is secure and hassle-free, ensuring that your transaction is handled smoothly.

Step 7: Preparing for the Race

Once your payment has been successfully processed, it’s time to start preparing for the race. Check the event’s webpage and your confirmation email for any specific guidelines or requirements. We recommend training, gathering the necessary equipment, and familiarizing yourself with the route and rules of the race.

Step 8: Race Day

On the day of the event, arrive at the designated location with ample time to get settled and prepare yourself. Our team will be present to provide any last-minute instructions or answer any questions you may have. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable riding experience!

Riding Experience

Participating in our races offers a unique opportunity to indulge in an exhilarating riding experience like no other. Whether you are a seasoned rider or a beginner, our events cater to riders of all skill levels. Here’s what you can expect from your riding experience:

Diverse Terrain

Our race courses are meticulously designed to showcase the diverse beauty of the surrounding landscape. From challenging uphill climbs to thrilling downhill descents, you will encounter a wide range of terrains that will put your riding skills to the test.

Spectacular Scenery

As you navigate through the race route, prepare to be captivated by breathtaking scenery. From lush forests to majestic mountain ranges, our events take place in some of the most picturesque locations, providing you with a visually stunning backdrop throughout your ride.

Supportive Atmosphere

We believe in fostering a supportive and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. Our races are not just about competition but also about camaraderie and mutual encouragement. You will have the opportunity to connect with fellow riders, share experiences, and forge lasting friendships.

Expert Guidance

Our dedicated team of race organizers and volunteers is committed to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for all participants. We have experienced guides stationed at various points along the race route to offer guidance, assistance, and motivation whenever needed.

Weight Limit

As part of our commitment to ensuring the safety of all participants, we have established a weight limit for our races. This weight limit is in place to ensure the proper functioning of the equipment and to maintain the integrity of the race. The specific weight limit may vary depending on the race and the type of equipment used.

Before applying, please review the race’s guidelines and requirements to determine if you meet the weight limit criteria. It is essential to adhere to the specified weight limit to ensure your safety and the smooth running of the event.

Physical Fitness

Participating in our races requires a certain level of physical fitness to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. While our events cater to riders of various fitness levels, it is important to assess your own physical capabilities before applying.

To prepare for the physical demands of the race, we recommend incorporating regular exercise and training into your routine. Engaging in activities such as cycling, strength training, and cardiovascular exercises can help build endurance and enhance your overall fitness level.

Remember, it’s crucial to listen to your body and consult with a healthcare professional if you have any concerns about your physical fitness or any pre-existing medical conditions.

Survival and Camping Experience

Some of our races may involve overnight stays or multi-day adventures, where participants are required to have basic survival and camping skills. These skills are essential to ensure your safety and well-being during the race. While specific requirements may vary depending on the event, here are some general survival and camping skills that can be beneficial:

  • Setting up a tent and camping equipment
  • Building and maintaining a fire
  • Navigation and map reading
  • Basic first aid knowledge
  • Food preparation and water purification techniques

Before participating in a race that involves camping or survival elements, we recommend familiarizing yourself with these skills and practicing them in a controlled environment. Being prepared and equipped with these essential skills will contribute to a successful and enjoyable race experience.

The Spirit of the Race

The spirit of our races encompasses much more than just competition. It is about embracing the thrill of adventure, pushing your limits, and immersing yourself in the unique culture and community of riders. The spirit of the race is defined by:


Our races foster a sense of camaraderie among participants. You will have the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for cycling and outdoor adventure. The shared experiences and mutual support create an uplifting and inspiring atmosphere.


Participating in our races requires resilience and mental fortitude. You will encounter challenges along the way, both physical and mental. Embracing the spirit of the race means persevering through these challenges, pushing through your limits, and discovering the strength within you.

Appreciation for Nature

Our races take place in some of the most beautiful natural landscapes. The spirit of the race involves a deep appreciation for the environment and a commitment to preserving it. We encourage all participants to practice Leave No Trace principles and to be mindful of their impact on the surroundings.

In conclusion, the application process for our races is straightforward and efficient, ensuring a seamless experience for participants. The riding experience offers diverse terrain, spectacular scenery, and a supportive atmosphere. It is essential to consider factors such as weight limits and physical fitness to ensure a safe and enjoyable race. For races involving camping or survival elements, basic skills are necessary. Embracing the spirit of the race means fostering camaraderie, resilience, and appreciation for nature. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure and be part of something truly extraordinary. Apply now and join us in experiencing the thrill of our races!